How to Organize Your Kitchen Sink Area Properly

If you are reading this blog, you must have wondered yourself what is a proper way to organize the kitchen sink, right? Isn’t it odd when we can easily find many types of hangers or boxes to organize our wardrobe or choose amongst hundreds of options for organize our desks, shoes wardrobes, but not our... kitchen sink? 

We have learnt some basic ways for kitchen sink organization such as hanging the dishcloth on top of the tap, placing the sponge in a bowl, or a small plate, drying the wet dishes on the clumsy rack, etc. But is it the proper way to keep your cleaning tools hygienic?  

Hanging dishcloth on top of the tap may transfer bacteria to the tap where it provides your daily drinking water, or having the wet dishcloth touched your cooking utensils. Besides, placing the sponge in a bowl may encourage the mold, fungi, bad bacteria to grow since that place is full of moisture and protein.  

It’s time for kitchen sink organizer heading to revolution starting right at your home with these kitchen sink organization ideas below! 

How to organize kitchen sink area 

Equip a dishcloth holder where you can tap it easily in your sink

The dishcloth holder will keep your dish rag hang up, allow the air to circulate and dry it properly. This small kitchen sink organizer can prevent your dishcloth from smelling and bad bacteria growing. 

magnet cloth holder made by stainless steel premium

The sponge holder – a smart way to place your sponge

Spone is a piece of synthetic materials that touch directly your dishes, spoons and leftovers at the same time. It’s extremely necessary to clean and store it properly to avoid food contamination. A sponge holder will allow it dry naturally with air circulation and avoid touching moisture surfaces where the mold and bad bacteria can grow inside the sponge. 

dish drying rack – where you can dry your dish completely

Placing your clean yet wet dishes inside the cardboard may damage the cardboard and create the odd smell, as well as growing the bacteria. Keep them dry properly before storing them. 

    Let’s make your kitchen sink area more stylish and hygienic with these practical kitchen organization ideas. It has been a game changer for so many households across the globe! Read here to find how other people apply them to their kitchen sink organizers. 

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