5 Cleaning Habits that Change the Cleaning Game!

5 Cleaning Habits that Change the Cleaning Game! | HAPPY SiNKS

Do you want to reduce the frequency of deep cleaning at home? If the answer is YES, you must follow these hacks. They take less than 5 minutes, but basically, keep the regular cleaning tasks being done by themselves. 

We understand that cleaning can sometimes (or most times) be a never-ending battle. Especially when we spend most of the time at home this year, no matter how deep cleaning we make, the dirt and dust still hang in there. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent out-of-control cleanup and keep your home in a cleaner state for a longer time. They are so great that we recommend practicing them as habits in your everyday routine to maintain everyone's well-being at home and have a sense of control over the messy situation. Ok, let's start! 

1. Washing the Sink after Doing the Dishes! 

Photo credit: Marek Studzinski/ Unsplash

This piece of advice we picked up from Melissa Maker, a founder of Clean My Space. In one of her videos on deep-cleaning the sink, she mentioned that gunk built up quickly after every time you use the sink without wiping it down. You will be shocked how much better you feel about the kitchen and how long it stays fresh when the sink is wiped and kept maintained every day. Our HAPPY SiNKS x Skosh multipurpose cleaning works like a charm for this task. 

2. Cleaning Out the Shower Drain Every Time You Shower

Photo credit: Damir Mijailovic/ Pexels

The shower drain is easily built up with hair daily. If you have ever had a stuck drain, you know how scary the experience can be. To avoid that monstering clog happening, pick up hair each time you shower. This hack will make sure in preventing the hair from slithering down the drain in the first place. 

3. Wiping Down Your Cooktop Every Night after Cooking Dinner

Photo credit: Eduardo Pastor/ Unsplash

The worst part when deep-cleaning the kitchen is scrubbing the food crust up on the burners and stove left for many days. Wiping the cooktop after dinner should be an essential part of cleaning up because it is not only for a grimy-looking kitchen, but to prevent a potential fire hazard. Try our HAPPY SiNKS x Skosh multipurpose cleaning for this task and see how fast it takes to keep your cooktop shining. 

4. Picking Up Plant Leaves When You Water Them

Photo Credit: Kaufmann Mercantile/ Unsplash

Plants are an ideal environment for stray household dust. In addition, buildup from dead leaves is not good for your plant's health as well as its aesthetic. To speed up the process, take a damp cloth to go over your plants after watering them. This can be done according to your watering schedule. 

5. Squeegee The Shower Each Time You Bathe

Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska/ Pexels

The water that gets you clean is actually a breeding ground for mold and nasty bacteria. Therefore, by removing as much water as possible from the shower doors and walls each time you bathe, you are minimizing the environment for the terrible bacteria to colonize in. Before squeegeeing, spay the HAPPY SiNKS x Skosh Glass and Mirror cleaning liquid for an extra shining finish. You will love the result! 

Have you already had these tasks every day? Are there any others we missed? Tell us more on our social channels (at)happysinksfinland!