Beat the January Blues with HAPPY SiNKS

Beat the January Blues with HAPPY SiNKS | HAPPY SiNKS

We are now well into the new year with new resolutions and a new beginning. However, in the month of cold weather, and dark mornings, January can be a challenge to maintaining our wellbeing with feelings of low mood, sadness, lack of motivation, and low energy. Therefore, we all need a little boost. 

To help lighten your mood and keep you feeling your best, we have put together some helpful tips on how to eradicate those January blues, by using essential oils in your daily routine or giving yourself a fresh start around the home. 

1. Use essential oils to boost wellbeing

Essential oils are said to have a variety of benefits that can help enhance your mood when you’re feeling down.

To de-stress, the first tip is that after boiling and drying the dishcloth, you can add a few drops of lavender oil to the dried cloth so your kitchen can be filled with a calming scent. It is important to boil the dishcloth regularly to sanitize and deodorize the unpleasant stinky smell and keep the bacteria at bay. You can find out the best way to clean the stinky dishcloth here

In addition, the lavender essential oil is key to encouraging relaxation. Lavender fills your home with a calming natural scent whilst also having anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, and antibacterial properties.
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2. Give your house a good clean

A good way to blow away the miserable holiday blues and feel better at the beginning of the year is to give the house a good clean to get rid of any Christmas clutter that has carried into January. However, the last thing you want is to introduce harsh chemicals into your home. 

Safe to use around the house, made from all-natural ingredients, eco-friendly and vegan-friendly, our HAPPY SiNKS x Skosh cleaning tablets are a conscious effort to avoid harmful chemicals for both you and the planet. 

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3. Practice a little moment of mindfulness 

The power of cleaning does not stop at keeping your home tidy and organized. Chances are, doing household chores can be a productive distraction as a way to distract you from pressing concerns—and at least temporarily help you stop worrying about problems you can’t control.

In practice, how about little exercise every day to bring attention to the present while washing the dishes, wiping the kitchen counter, and mopping the floors?  These little mindful moments throughout the day can help you stay away from dwelling on the past, and bring your attention back to the present. 

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Remember that there is nothing wrong with feeling low in energy at this time of year. Slowing down, and practicing healthy habits are the best activities to cope with.