HAPPY SiNKS in collaboration with the famed Finnish fashion brand Papu Design

HAPPY SiNKS into cooperation with the famed Finnish fashion brand Papu Design | HAPPY SiNKS

Papu Design, known for its unique patterns, and HAPPY SiNKS are collaborating and releasing a set of sustainable dishcloths. The compact collection consists of HAPPY SiNKS’s biodegradable, microplastic-free dishcloths and Papu Design’s most favorite patterns.

The 100% biodegradable dishcloths available at HAPPY SiNKS’s and Papu Design’s stores at the beginning of December 2021, have been designed in Finland and manufactured responsibly in Sweden.

“Papu Design and HAPPY SiNKS both want to develop responsible products and bring a piece of the world-known Finnish happiness in people’s everyday lives. At the heart of the products is quality, Finnish design and responsibility. That is why Papu Design was just the right partner for HAPPY SiNKS biodegradable dishcloths,” says Juhani Sirén, CEO of Magisso.

The products feature classic Papu Design’s patterns from previous seasons in whole new colors. Included is the cheeky SAUSAGE pattern, where the fun pink sausages are combined with a graphic black background, as well as the classic BEANS, now seen in a hint of pale pink, yellow and gray. Dishcloths that absorb up to 16 times their own weight are not only practical but also fun and inspiring.

“We wanted to bring Papu’s unique fun to HAPPY SiNKS cloths. For the final products we selected solid, commercial hit patterns from years past that stand out from the crowd with their creativity. The cloths are fresh in color, so they enliven the look of many kitchens,” says Hanna-Riikka Heikkilä, Papu’s pattern designer.

Magisso has done pioneering design and has won several international design awards. The idea of Magisso’s HAPPY SiNKS and Papu is to design inspiring, ecological and responsible products. It is important for both companies to strive to find sustainable solutions and materials. What they also have in common is that they both want to create practical, meaningful products that last over time.

“Because of our common values, the collaboration between HAPPY SiNKS and Papu seemed natural. The aim of the cooperation is to increase the awareness of both brands and reach an ever-widening consumer base. At Papu, we believe that the best happiness is one that lasts. That is why we are happy to participate in collaborations where the products are made from sustainably produced materials,” says Anu Vauhkonen, CEO of Papu Design.

HAPPY SiNKS x Papu dishcloths will be available in early December.