Cleaning increases well-being in homes

Cleaning increases well-being in homes | HAPPY SiNKS

HAPPY SiNKS wants to make homework more fun, but also fight bacteria in the kitchen with its products. The kitchen sink and dish cloth are often the worst bacterial colonies in a home, even dirtier than a bathroom.

However, with the right kind of storage, the dish cloth can stay more hygienic and usable for longer. The air-hung dish cloth dries faster and stays fresher. HAPPY SiNKS products offer a great solution for storing rags. With the help of racks attached to the side of the sink with magnets, dish cloths, sponges, and dish brushes are cleverly hidden inside the sink. That way, they are also not spreading bacteria on top of the faucet, at the edge of the sink, or by bumping wet on the bottom of it.

A clean home also has a positive effect on well-being. Tidying up a home can even be considered a moment of mindfulness, when a person is consciously and acceptingly present in the situation. Cleaning clears thoughts, but also keeps the butts away. There are fewer bacteria on clean surfaces, which also has health-maintaining effects. Once the utensils are in order, you can make your favorite music play and before you even notice it is completely immersed in sinking the seams of the sink and the utensils of the kitchen utensils. When you clean up, you can immediately see the result, which is where much of the joy it brings and the experiences of success.

HAPPY SiNKS products are designed by Magisso and are the best solution for maintaining kitchen in order. Check here our patented Magnetic Cloth Holders.

Photos: Unsplash / Tina Dawson