Quick Tips and Tricks on How to Clean an Oven at Home!

Quick Tips and Tricks on How to Clean an Oven at Home! Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

Ovens can become a food crime scene real quick, real fast. 

But that is not exactly what worries us most, it’s the after effects of the delicious delicacies that turn into thick films of grease that leave us not wanting to use ovens ever again. Lucky for you, ‘how to clean an oven’ is not as tiresome as you might think. With simple tips and tricks you can get your oven squeaky clean and running in no time! 

Now before we break down all the types of ovens to clean, (yes you also need to clean your electric oven), how to clean the insides of the ovens or how to clean the oven racks, let's start with the bonus question first! 

When should you clean you oven?

If you do not get this right, then your chances of getting your oven cleaned quickly can be as close as a miracle. The importance of cleaning high touch surfaces for proper disinfection has also been highlighted in CDC precautions for viral diseases spread

To understand when you must clean your oven, you nee to consider the age of your oven, and weather it is high or low maintenance.

Almost everyone who likes to work in the kitchen has some idea of how their kitchen oven works. 

For example, if you have recently installed an oven you might have a self-cleaning option. If you have an old oven, then you pretty much have to take the time to clean it regularly by yourself.

Whatever the case may be, you must clean your oven at least every three to six months. If you use your oven a lot, then it is best to clean your oven properly once a month. 

How to Clean the Inside of an Oven and the Glass Door 

One of the most commonly asked questions in the starter pack is ‘how to clean an oven’. Cleaning the insides of the ovens can be really challenging, especially if there are films of grease. Here are a number of ways in which you can efficiently clean your oven completely. 

The self-cleaning method 

Many modern ovens come with a built in feature of self cleaning. It not only saves you loads of time, but also keeps your oven clean and running. Once you switch on the cleaning process, the oven temperature rises till 880 degrees Fahrenheit, making all the food inside to melt and incinerate into an ash. The small ash can easily be cleaned with a regular damp cleaning cloth. 

If you disapprove of chemical oven cleaners, and do not exactly have the time for DIY, then a self cleaning option can come to your rescue. Although it's an efficient way of cleaning your oven, it is not exactly a convenient option in warmer months and may generate some odour as it works. 

The Store Bought Cleaner 

Another great alternative to cleaning an oven quickly is using a store bought cleaner. It effectively removes any grime and grease without having to warm up your oven. All you have to do is, remove any pieces of food residue and spray the chemical solution on oven racks, oven glass and oven walls. Allow it to sit for 30-40 minutes and then wipe it away using cleaning wipes or a dishcloth. The chemicals can be really strong and do require some extra precautions such as wearing a mask and gloves for protection. 

Making your own DIY Cleaner 

For this simple oven cleaning hack, all you need is some baking soda, vinegar and water. This DIY is simple, safe yet a powerful cleaning solution that skips the hassle of overheated self-cleaning features or unnatural chemical solutions. Simply combine all the ingredients and allow it to sit for 20 minutes before scrubbing the grime. Follow it up with a damp eco-friendly microfiber cloth. The only downside of this cleaning method is that it may take you some time to get your deed done.

For some more all natural cleaning products, read about 5 eco-friendly products that your home needs!

How to Clean Oven Racks 

You have to follow the same steps again, to clean your oven racks. You can choose any one of the above mentioned methods to keep your oven racks cleaned. However, it is still best to remove the oven racks, and clean them with a DIY solution for best results. 

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