How to Keep the Kitchen Sink Sparkling with HAPPY SiNKS!

The kitchen sink is a magnet for dirt and grease. Although we wash it often when we wash hands, clean vegetables, do the dishes as well as all sorts of other households, it does not...

5 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Your Home Will Thank You For

In this article we will introduce 5 eco-friendly cleaning products that are effective to do their job and can help you reduce air pollution from cleaning chemicals, produce less waste, and become more sustainable - all while you clean.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips with HAPPY SiNKS

Spring cleaning month has arrived. We want to help inspire you to dust off those cobwebs, open up the blinds and let the sunshine in. Check out our 5 cleaning tips to get your home in...

Disinfect the kitchen with just ONE ingredient

We are in the thick of cold and flu season, and if you or someone in your household is sick, you should think about disinfecting the kitchen weekly using just one ingredient. Read more to...

How To Clean Stinky Dishcloths

Smelly dishcloths are not only unpleasant to deal with, but also are potential cause for bacterial and mold breeding inside our kitchen. Here are some daily tips for keeping your dishcloths from smelling and an...

HAPPY SiNKS in 60 seconds

Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why we decided to save those words and make our final blog post of this crazy year of 2020 a picture. Check it out!

Kuusi hyvää syytä käyttää HAPPY SINKS tiskiliinapidikettä

Oletko kyllästynyt kaivamaan tiskirättiä sotkuisen tiskialtaan pohjalta? Lue kuusi syytä, miksi sinun pitäisi vaihtaa HAPPY SiNKS tiskiliinapidikkeeseen jo tänään!

Siivoaminen lisää hyvinvointia kodeissa

Tiesitkö, että kodin siivoaminen voi todella lisätä hyvinvointiasi? Puhdas ja siisti koti voi vähentää stressiä, lisätä tuottavuutta ja parantaa yleistä henkistä ja fyysistä terveyttä. Lue lisää ja valmistaudu nauttimaan puhtaammasta kodista!