What’s a Swedish Dish Cloth and why you should start using it

What’s a Swedish Dish Cloth and why you should start using it | HAPPY SiNKS

Swedish Dish Cloths are 100% naturally biodegradable spongy dish cloths that are soft and flexible when wet but dry quickly in between uses and are less likely to support bacterial growth than a sponge or a common rag. They are super-absorbent, able to soak even 16 times their own weight in liquid. The material of the Swedish Dish Cloth is made of a blend of cellulose and renewable cotton invented by – surprise, surprise – a Swedish engineer in 1949.

Cleans most household surfaces

Swedish Dish Cloth is a multi-tasking kitchen tools that can replace kitchen sponges and much of your paper towel usage. You can use them to wipe clean countertops, stainless steel appliances and streak-prone surfaces like cooktops. You can also use them to dust dressers, desks, bookcases, and dinner tables. You can use it with just water, soap, or cleaners, they clean virtually streak-free.

Long-lasting and Sustainable

Tons of paper towels end up in landfills every day.  Some say that a single Swedish Dish Cloth replaces up to 15–20 rolls of paper towels. In addition to nature, you’ll end up saving money too.

Easy to keep clean and reuse

When your Swedish Dish Cloth gets dirty from the use, there are many ways to make it as good as new again:

  • Top rack of your dishwasher.
  • Microwave for around 2–3 minutes.
  • Sterilize in boiling water.
  • Washing machine.
  • You can even clean it with bleach.

And naturally Swedish Dish Cloth will dry hygienically and out of sight in your kitchen sink on the HAPPY SiNKS Dish Cloth Holder.


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Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash