The kitchen sink is a magnet for dirt and grease. Although we wash it often when we wash hands, clean vegetables, do the dishes as well as all sorts of other households, it does not mean that it stays clean after washing up. In this blog, we will show you a general guide on how to keep your kitchen sink gleaming.
In the past 2 years, we have been constantly cleaning and disinfecting our home to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus by using hand sanitizer and masks.  Many of us also develop a daily routine of swiping the phone screen, laptop keyboard, or even the doorknobs as extra protection. As you notice, we have included so much more strong chemical and plastic waste in our daily life. Therefore, we will introduce to you in this blog 5 eco-friendly cleaning products that are effective to do their job and can help you reduce air pollution from cleaning chemicals, produce less waste, and become more sustainable - all while you clean.