Privacy statement for the Magisso marketing register


1. Registry administrator 
Magisso Oy, Business ID 2216502-5
Lautatarhankatu 10, 00580 Helsinki


2. Contact person of the register Anssi Hurme


3. Name and purpose of the register
Magisso Oy's marketing register. We use and store in the register the information of persons identified as both customers and potential customers. We also use and store information about cookies in the register. We use cookies to improve the user experience, to provide analytics and personalized content, and to target marketing.


4. Use of Personal Information 
This information is used for marketing communications. The information can also be used for direct marketing and marketing through social media. Contact information for potential customers is only used for calls and emails.


5. Information content of the register and registration 
The information below may be included in the register. Not all of the information below may be available for each registrar.

a) Name of the person
b) E-mail address 
c) Telephone number 
e) Company / organization 
e) Location 
f) Other information provided to us by the registered user
g) Cookie information about registered visitors to our website 
h) Credentials and usage of our social media


6. Sources of information in the register 
We use information provided by the registrant himself. We may also use our customer registers, publicly available information sources, and usage information provided by social media and our website.


7. Transfer of Information 
We do not disclose information to third parties. However, we may use marketing services or systems provided by third parties. We ensure that such third parties comply with data protection laws and do not disclose information passed on. We will only transfer information outside the European Union or the European Economic Area if we use third party marketing systems or social media systems that require data transfer outside the EU. In particular, we will ensure that outsourced processors comply with the general EU data protection regulation. We ensure that such third parties comply with data protection laws in both the European Union and the United States.


8. Protection of the register and storage of personal data
Our information systems and personal data are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means, and only those authorized by us have access to them. We ensure that the third-party marketing systems and services used remain at the same level of security. We retain personal information until the data registrant requests its deletion by requesting its deletion by sending an email to


9. Rights of the data subject 
The data subject has the following rights with the applicable data protection laws:

- the right to information about the use of your personal data 
- the right to use your personal data and to check the personal data we process 
- to request the correction and supplementation of incorrect and incorrect personal data 
- to request the deletion or transfer of your personal data 
- to withdraw and object to the processing of restriction of your personal information.

We may ask you to clarify your request and verify your identity before processing the request. You must send requests for rights by e-mail (