The Do’s and Don'ts of How to Use Swedish Dishcloths

PAPU dishcloth

Looking for the best dishcloth to save you from extra scrubbing? Happy Sink’s best selling Swedish dishcloth can be your win of the day!

But getting a good dishcloth alone will not always get you there. In this article we will guide you about the do’s and don'ts of washcloths, the difference between different washcloths and how to use them so that they last longer. 

Before we jump onto the dos and don'ts, here is a brief brush off of the differences between different washcloths, dish towels and sponges. 

Washcloths vs Dish Towels vs Sponges 

First things first. You must have all three of them in your kitchen. Most people consider washing and cleaning to fall into the same category but that is not the case. While dish towels are designed specifically to dry surfaces and dishes, sponges are made to scrub stains and thick stubborn particles. Washcloth on the other hand is a cloth you use to wash your dishes.

Good quality washcloths like Happy Sinks Swedish washcloth is made up of 60% pure cotton that is eco-friendly and gentle on your utensils. Swedish dishcloths are more efficient than paper towels. They are much more durable and save more trees and money! 

The Do’s of Dishcloths 

Always Rinse the dishcloth with hot water 

Dishcloths are often run under hot water and there is a reason for that. Usually hot water helps loosen the soft cotton threads that allows better cleaning and disinfecting. One of the best ways to wash dishcloths is to submerge it in hot and soapy water, and to soak it and wring it out before using it again. 

Use more than one dishcloth

You can always get more than one dishcloth, and that is exactly what you should go for. If you only have one dishcloth that you use for everything, it will wear out and become smelly very quickly. That is not what you should aim for. Always have 2 dishcloths on you to manage between dishwashing and managing your chores. 

Use different dishcloths for different things 

The dishcloth must by all means stick with one chore only. Don't use it to swipe surfaces, or wipe your face or your sweaty hands. If you want to wash or wipe something off the floor or some other utensil, then you must invest in a different washcloth. 

The Don'ts of Washcloths

Regularly change and swap your dishcloth 

You need to regularly switch between your dishcloths. Using the same dishcloth for days in a row can result in some seriously stinky dishcloth and eventually your dishes. 

Don't wadd it up in a ball 

One of the first rules of effectively using a dishcloth is to let it dry between your uses. If you allow the dishcloth to be wadded and become a ball then there is a high chance of it becoming more mouldy and smelly. 

Don't overuse it for everything 

If you have a big spillage on your counter, don't be afraid to use a paper towel or two. If you must use a dishcloth then you have to make sure that you keep that dishcloth for that same purpose only. 

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