HAPPY SiNKS Dishcloth Holder, STEEL


HAPPY SiNKS Dishcloth Holder, Steel

Where do YOU keep your dish cloth? Over the tap? Yuck.

This is the original patented HAPPY SiNKS invention for storing your dishcloth out of sight yet within easy reach inside your sink. No more hanging dirty dishcloths over your kitchen tap. Yeay!

On the HAPPY SiNKS Dishcloth Holder your dish cloth will dry quickly and reduces the bacterial contamination. It is super easy to install into your kitchen sink in just seconds with the smart Magnet Fitting System (MFS). No tools needed.


Material: Stainless Steel, Magnets

Awards: Productive Idea Award '09

Cleaning and care: Wipe with wet cloth and let dry thoroughly.
Do not submerge or use inside a dishwasher.

Note: Works in steel and metal sinks and composite sinks with 3 mm or less wall thickness. Not suitable for ceramic or stone sinks.

Size: L 17,0 cm, H 2,0 cm, W 5,7 cm, 0,27 kg

Package size: H 26,0 cm L 8,5 cm w 5,0 cm, 0,38 kg

Color: Steel

Product code: 30101000