15 most asked questions about kitchen towels and where to keep them

15 most asked questions about kitchen towels  and where to keep them | HAPPY SiNKS

Q1. Why does my dish cloth smell bad all the time?

Because after being used in the kitchen, dish cloths are usually not given the proper environment to dry quickly. The sour smell is a sign of bacteria contamination, generated from leftover food particles, grease, and moisture after wiping the kitchen surroundings. Using these smelly dish cloths to wipe other places in your kitchen means spreading the germs and bacteria all over the places. Eww! 

Q2. How to get rid of dirty and smelly dish cloths? 

Step 1: Boil it with a few drops of dish soap and half a cup of vinegar in 15 minutes. 

Step 2: Squeeze the water out and air dry at room temperature. 

Step 3: Done. Your dish cloth will be as fresh as new. But the more important question is: how to keep it fresh and clean for a long time? 

Q3. How to keep dish towels fresh and clean?

There is only one rule of thumb that you need to follow to prevent your dishtowels from that stinky and smelly odour: Let them air dry after every use. Yes, it is that simple. A wet dish cloth sitting on your sink for hours (and generating germs) is a nightmare that you do not need. After wiping your kitchen, hang the dishtowel in a place where air can pass through and help the dishtowel dry quickly. 

Q4. What is the best material to use as a dish cloth?

Cotton and cellulose are the most suitable material to use as dish cloth. They are super absorbent, durable, and leave no mark behind after cleaning. 

What is even better than cotton? The answer is Organic Cotton. Organic cotton means that the cotton plants are grown without harmful chemicals that are toxic to humans and can leave a long-term effect on the environment. 

When buying your next set of dish cloths, show your support to our planet earth by only choosing from responsible and sustainable sources. Using dish cloths that are made from GOTS certified cotton or a 100% biodegradable material means no more microplastic into our ocean and harmful fertilizers into our soils. 

Q5. Where do people keep their kitchen towels? 

The most common places where people keep their wet kitchen towel after use are:

    1. On top of the sink's water faucet.
    2. Directly on the sink surface 
    3. On a nearby cabinet's door 
    4. On a dish cloth hanger or holder 

Q6. What's wrong with hanging my kitchen rags on the sink faucet? 

There is nothing wrong with it, it just looks ugly. Imagine you and your guests walk in the kitchen, ready to cook/eat a fancy meal together, and the kitchen rag is proudly hung over your faucet like a flag. I bet it won't be a nice view for anyone to enjoy. 

Q7. How do you store dirty and wet dish cloths correctly? 

The best place to keep your dish cloth is within your sink because you don't want water from the cloth dripping down to anywhere else but your sink. Moreover, your cloth needs to be hung in a place, where air can go through and helps them to dry quickly. A wet or moist dish cloth lying for hours on the sink is not only a party for gems and bacteria, but also not a nice view to look at.

There are many tools on the market, which can be attached to the sink and help your dish cloth to dry quickly and hygienically. The best sellers among these tools are the dish cloth holders, which can be attached inside a kitchen sink with suction cups or magnetics. 

Q8. Which is better: magnetic or suction cloth holder? 

Suction dish cloth holders are usually more popular due to their cheaper price. However, even with a strong suction cup, the holder cannot last for a long time, or even worse, some cannot hold the weight of a wet kitchen towel. 

Cloth holders that use a smart Magnet Fitting System (MFS) are more durable, stronger and can firmly hold a wet kitchen towel for a long time. There are two pieces of strong magnets, sucking from both sides of your sink, to ensure that the cloth holder will stay firmly where you want it to be. Moreover, the backside magnets come with adhesive stickers to make sure that it stays in place, so that you can easily remove your holder on and off the sink as you wish.

Q9. How strong are HAPPY SiNKS magnets? 

The HAPPY SiNKS dish cloth holder is a patented double magnet system that attaches to both inside and outside of your sink. The two strong neodymium permanent magnets ensure that your wet and heavy kitchen towel will stay in place on the cloth holder, all the time. 

Q10. Can HAPPY SiNKS Cloth Holder keep a very wet and heavy kitchen towel? 

Yes. HAPPY SiNKS Magnetic Cloth Holders can firmly hold several wet and heavy dish cloths at a time.

Q11. Will the magnets scratch or damage my kitchen sink's surface? 

No. You can install our magnetic cloth holders without using any tools, screws or making any holes in your kitchen sink. 

Q12. How long can the magnetic dish cloth holders last? 

HAPPY SiNKS magnetic dish cloth holders can last for a really long time, usually many years, when the cleaning and care instructions are followed. 

Q13. Can I wash the magnetic cloth holder in a dishwashing machine? 

No. You don't need to wash the cloth holders in a dishwashing machine. You can clean it by simply wipe it with a wet cloth and let it dry thoroughly. 

Q14. How long until my magnetic cloth holder gets rusty? 

Never. HAPPY SiNKS magnetic dish cloth holders are either made of durable stainless steel or eco-friendly bio-composite material. In either case, a rusty cloth holder will not be your problem. 

Q15. I found cheaper tools to hang my kitchen rags from Amazon. Why should I go with HAPPY SiNKS Magnetic Cloth Holders? 

Every product has its own strengths and weaknesses. Be aware of the weaknesses because they are usually well hidden in the review section. Our magnetic cloth holders are currently receiving 4.9 out of 5 stars from hundreds of reviews. Don't take our words for it, have a look at our happy customers

Still not quite convinced? Here are some more reasons that make out magnetic cloth holder stand out from the crowd: 

    1. HAPPY SiNKS Magnetic Cloth Holder is an original, patented, and awarded invention.
    2. All of our products are well-designed in Finland, with a mix of Finnish happiness and Scandinavian style, to perfectly upgrade your kitchen aesthetic. 
    3. The durable and premium stainless steel cloth holders will not only keep your dish cloth where it should be, but also add a shiny effect to your kitchen sink at all times. 
    4. We care about the environment. Our holders + Bio composite = 50% less carbon footprint & 100% recyclable. 
    5. HAPPY SiNKS is also supporting responsible and sustainable forest management by using FSC certified packaging. 
    6. The Holders are designed to keep dish cloths hidden inside your sinks, out of sight yet within easy reach.
    7. The strong and double Magnet Fitting System (MFS) will keep your wet and heavy kitchen cloth in place at all times. 
    8. Have a hassle-free buying journey with our free shipping and 14-days return policies.

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