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the item was weird to install and i didnt check if the magnet is facing up. does that make a meaningful difference? cause the wet rag drags the thing down quite alot. but when you extend it out so its vertical to the sink it holds it way better

Great product

Although expensive compared to others it’s a superior quality and style for my business.
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The construction is OK but the magnet is to weak so it has a tendency to not stay put

Very happy with the dish clothes holder

Very easy to attach onto my sink. It looks great! Happy I bought this item.

Very good quality. Looks very good and do a job.

Drying Rack - Steel
Rick Comello
Drying Rack - Steel

It looks stylish and is very convenient to use.

Feeling a bit silly about it but I would have appreciated to have a simple visualization of how to “install” the product. For a moment I thought it didn’t work because the magnet alone wasn’t strong enough. For adding the other piece to the other side would have been helpful to have it explained or shown somewhere.

Magnetic Dishcloth Holder - Steel

Drying Rack - Steel
Rossella Bellisoni

Comodissimo! Un ottimo acquisto

Worth it

Not cheap but worth it. Keeps our new sink nice and tidy.

Magnetic Dishcloth Holder - Steel
Christophe Lesschaeve
Perfect solution

Finally a product that’s easy in use ánd nice to see! The sink area looks great now. And thanks to both the sponge en cloth holders, the smells are gone.


Working product makes the kitchen neater

The magnetic dishcloth holder stays well in out composite sink. It has made the the overall look of the kitchen so much nicer because there is no longer wet cloth hangin from the tap. Love it!



I’ve tried several products in the sink but since mine is made out of a firm plastic material never did anything stick.

This product is amazing! You can just apply it on the back of the sink and then the magnet puts it super tight in the sink. I’m super super happy with it!

Magnetic Dishcloth Holder

Best thing I have bought in a long while. I didn’t like looking at my new sink and have dish cloth spoiling the view. Now I can hang it and it will dry but won’t be seen. Brilliant.

Non è stabile

Broken and fixed quickly!

Ordered the black sponge holder and the holder for the cleaning cloth via the website. Unfortunately, the holder for the cleaning cloth arrived broken. After sending an email with photos, I received a response very quickly and my problem was solved immediately! Thank you very much for your quick action!

The products that have now arrived work fantastic! Magnet is securely attached and everything is neatly in the sink. I am very happy with the product and the customer service.

Simple and effective change

I like that the cloth is not on top of the countertop anymore, and has it's designated spot without affecting the flow of cleaning. It's also a plus that's aesthetically pleasant! Very happy with the purchase :D

Magnetic Dishcloth Holder - Steel

Dishcloth Holder

Really loveits , beautiful design
Very strong

Will buy again

Great product, shipping was ultra fast, I can only recommend.

It fits perfectly in our sink. The rags are no longer placed here and there. It has a place in the sink.