5 Spring Cleaning Tips with HAPPY SiNKS

5 Spring Cleaning Tips with HAPPY SiNKS | HAPPY SiNKS

Spring cleaning month has arrived. We want to help inspire you to dust off those cobwebs, open up the blinds and let the sunshine in. Check out our 5 cleaning tips to get your home in a tip-top shape. 

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1. Slipcovers and Throw Pillowcases

If you have any or both of these, it's time to take them off and wash them thoroughly. This task is recommended to be done at least twice a year (or more often depending on usage).  

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2. Deep Clean the Refrigerator

Take out every removable attachment in the refrigerator and wash it down. All drawers and shelves should be removed and washed. Remember to wipe down the walls. Our HAPPY SiNKS x Skosh multipurpose cleaning tablets work perfectly for wiping and deodorizing the refrigerator's smell. This need to be done more than once a year

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3. Clean the Windows

The windows are sometimes a pain to clean but they get a film on them and need to be deep cleaned at least once a year, if not more. Remember to take off all curtains (and wash them), dust the blinds, and scrub those windows well. Use our HAPPY SiNKS x Skosh glass and mirror to add an extra shine for the final touch. 

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4. Deep Cleaning all Cabinetry

To deep clean the cabinetries, take out all of the dishes and food, clean the doors and the shelves. The multipurpose cleaning liquid works well in this task. It will not be too bad of a chore if you turn  up your favorite music!

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5. Deep Clean Baseboards, and trim work.

Finally, it is time to get down on your knees and scrub those baseboards and trim work. A tip for making the chore less uncomfortable is using a pillow for your knees. Fill a bucket with hot soapy water and scrub with them with a sponge. These baseboards and trim work get really dusty so they should be done a few times a year. 

Bonus: Decorate for Spring. This is time to reward our hard work by setting up the house for Spring with inspiring decorations. Bring in flowers like tulips, peonies, bunnies, faux eggs, and Spring wreaths to brighten up the home and help to shake off those winter blues. There is nothing better than welcoming Spring into your home with beautiful home decors. Check out our Magnetic Cloth Holder and Roll-up Drying Rack for elevating your kitchen with a stylish and functional household design

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